Eco-Art Course Offered Online

Dr Theresa Sweeneyfrom Dr. Theresa Sweeney

Would you like to feel as good in your daily life as you do when you spend time outside or with a pet? Learn how you can create moments that let Earth teach.

Dr. Theresa Sweeney, pioneer of Eco-Art therapy, author and Dean of the Applied Ecopsychology program at Akamai University, has launched a new online accredited class and certification program in Eco-Art Therapy, a scientifically proven way of restoring balance, deepening connection, and adding more joy and meaning to one’s life and the lives of others.

In the program she introduces fun, practical art and nature activities that anyone can use and teach to increase personal, social and environmental well being. You do not need to be an artist to take the class…  Continue Reading →

Tree Marriage

Submitted by Linda Buzzell-Salzman

Tree Marriage
by William Meredith

In Chota Nagpur and Bengal
the betrothed are tied with threads to
mango trees, they marry the trees
as well as one another, and
the two trees marry each other.

Could we do that some time with oaks
or beeches? This gossamer we
hold each other with, this web
of love and habit is not enough.
In mistrust of heavier ties,

I would like tree-siblings for us,
standing together somewhere, two
trees married with us, lightly, their
fingers barely touching in sleep,
our threads invisible but holding.

from Effort at Speech. © Northwestern University Press, 1997