About Gatherings

The first issue of Gatherings was published online in 1999 as part of the collaborative work of ICE (the International Community for Ecopsychology). Our first eight issues were offered seasonally, each one unique – edited (and sometimes designed) by an individual ICE member. Read the first issue for more context about how we started, including this piece on the process of naming the e-zine.

Half way through 2004, we moved to a static “magazine” layout, which we continued to use until June of 2008. The e-zine was not updated between mid 2008 and September of 2011, but we continued to receive material for publication and all appropriate submitted material has been integrated into the current site.

We are pleased to be “online” again and welcome your contributions to Gatherings, whether they be commenting on a piece written by someone else or contributing your own articles, reviews, photography, poetry, music, podcasts, video, or relevant announcement. We are currently accepting submissions in all of these categories – see our Submission Guidelines for details.

Unlike the rest of the ICE website, where the material has been created through consensus in a group process, Gatherings is the place where ideas can be individually and eclectically expressed. Therefore, all opinions expressed or reflected in Gatherings, including that of the editors, are the sole responsibility of the individual author and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs or opinions of anyone else in ICE.

We ask that you not copy material from the pages of Gatherings without the author’s permission, but you are welcome to link to us freely.