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Posted on May 1, 2011 by Amy Lenzo

image of nature from Michael Cohen's website

Clark Mumaw’s paper, An Engineer’s Guide to Better Health and Applied Ecopsychology, describes his studies with Dr Michael Cohen and his Institute of Global Education and shows how he has applied these studies in his own life. Download the pdf here.

Clark grew up in rural farmland in northern Indiana near the conservative Amish settlements. As a young man, his life was interrupted by a stroke, and on dismissal from the hospital Clark needed a wheelchair, due to almost complete paralysis in his left arm and left leg. Clark now finds himself working towards a PhD in eco-psychology, which he plans to use as a new career path teaching others how to benefit from nature like he has. His recovery is progressing well enough to hope for a full recovery. Clark lives in Oxford, OH and may be reached at

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  1. Leslie November 3, 2011 at 9:09 am

    Clark, this is just wonderful. I am married to an Engineer and he has been on a similar journey. Not through a stroke but through a series of life events which left him facing the ‘fact’ 🙂 that he had to add new tools to dealing with life. Achievement, excellence, anger, independence were all fine tools. But he was faced with situations in which these tools were not working and he doesn’t like failure! So he learned the Natural Systems Thinking Process, and he learned to identify and abide within vulnerability also. I find there is a specific brilliance that comes from this type of hybrid self development. You are an inspiration for this, your life encouraged me to ask him to consider changing his life. Thank you for living this and articulating it so beautifully. Leslie

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