An Ode to Nature

Posted on April 6, 2015 by Amy Lenzo

by Madison Woods
This poem was previously published in Madison’s blog.

Madison Woods writes, creates, and communes with nature from the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas. She and her husband founded Wild Ozark, LLC with a desire to align their passions with their livelihoods. Madison offers readers an opportunity to reconnect to nature through her blog, photography, stories and books.
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Here are the words of the poem, in text:

I’m going out now to wander
where the knowing like to go
to immerse in folds of Earth
To feel the mist settle
the breeze caress my face
To part the moldering leaves
expose the fertile ground
To inhale the rich scent of nurture

We embrace, skin to skin
My hear swells
She draws my stress free
unburdens my soul
and gives unto the knowing
that all is well

All is well
and life goes on

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