The Green Gathering 2018

The Green Gathering is an extraordinary event that happens over several days every year in the UK. When I lived in England I attended with my partner and co-founder at riverOcean, Clive Pepe.  We went in style with the full-sized yurt we used for our community festivals, and loved every minute of it. The all-solar-powered gathering is set in a beautiful meadow, like an intimate “Green” Woodstock with the creativity of a super-mellow verdant Burning Man, complete with wonderful music, outstanding networking, hanging out, and friend-making opportunities, and free classes in everything from permaculture to bronze-casting. You can still snab a Early Bird ticket for 2018 – only £90 from the Bristol Ticket Shop.

Check out their website for more information.

At the 2017 UK Festival Awards, the Green Gathering was awarded with the Greener Festival Award for outstanding commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating positive social impact.

The Edge of the Wild 2016

“Heart Lands”

5th Ecopsychology Gathering
4 – 7 August, Green & Away, Worcester, UK
(shared through Linda Buzzell’s ecotherapy list serv)

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New Ecopsychology Publications

A new ecopsychoanalysis blog.

And a new ecopsychology book, an anthology of writings from the UK: Vital Signs: Psychological Responses to Ecological Crisis by Mary-Jayne Rust & Nick Totton (Karnac, 2011).

From the Introduction:

“Vital signs’ are, of course, the basic physiological measures of functioning which health practitioners use to assess the gravity of a patient’s predicament. This anthology focuses not so much on our physical predicament, with so many of the Earth’s systems severely stressed and beginning to fail – there are plenty of other places to read about this. Instead we focus on our psychological predicament, as news of the situation slowly penetrates our defences and we struggle as individuals and as a society to find an adequate response.”

New Television Series

Tony Wright just launched a new television series in the UK that “pulls it all back to our symbiotic origins (with plants)”. Here’s a sneak peek: