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Sounds of the Sea

by John Hart Young
written in 1971

Sounds of the sea imbibe me
Drink me down
Soothing senses soak perception
As memory flashing is
In the whites of sea-eyes splashing
Celebrating waves that glisten
Softly on the shore I listen
To long land-fingers beaconing
Lingering within an instant
Beauty bold beyond belief
Behold the spectral Asian tide
Coveting the coral reef

Uluwatu by the sea Uluwatu Bali

Dolphin and turtle swim merrily
On tie-dyed turquoise waters
Flowers floating
Barong sound of gamelan
Essential iridescent pulsing gong

So the day begins to slide
Melting hues transfuse the sky
The sun in shades of blue subsides
As father mother earth stands by
In glades of jungle greenness gushing
Rushing in the veins of rice fields lush
The beard of the un-shaven world

Darkness hushing heat aside
Sends cool wind-whispers in the breeze
In the sight of stars I see
The full moon’s mellow haloing
As shadows dance in Coconut trees


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