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Patrick Dougherty on Oahu

Review by Amy Lenzo

Patrick Dougherty's 2003 installation, entitled Na Hale 'O Waiawi, is a complex of bee-hive-like stuctures threaded in and around the magnifient monkeypod tree that graces the grounds at the Contemporay Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii. (By the way, these spectacularly beautiful grounds are populated with unusual plantings and various other visual and textural suprises for museum visitors).

Internationally acclaimed sculptor Patrick Dougherty creates eight to ten site-specific works a year in various locations across the country and internationally. His only materials for these large, organic sculptures are tree saplings, preferably taken from local sources, which he twists and wraps to create his unique art in harmony with other elements in the surrounding environment.

For his installation at the Contemporary Museum in Honolulu, the North Carolina-based artist utilized strawberry guava and rose apple saplings harvested from Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens in nearby Kane'ohe to weave his magic in and around the Museum's monkeypod tree. The result is a series of inviting open-weave spaces that meander among the great tree's trunks and grow up into its branches in intriguing patterns. You can walk inside and between them, and look through 'windows' onto magical views, within and beyond the sculptures.

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