Space Time

by Bob Worcester

Clay lattices bring substance
Into membraned forms that
Ignite from stasis into life to
Swarm in shallow pools and
Shimmer green along the edges.

Large forms ripple sinews and
Glide through murk and mud
Toward clear water and beyond
Across the surface tension into the
Bright light of inter-tidal air

Shadow forms hide in green shrouds,
Shuffle upright onto dry savannah,
Eyes focused forward, hands hold
Sticks, stones to shred flesh or
Dig dark earth in unshaded light.

Stone chipped on stone sparks fire,
Fire burned against stone melts metal,
Poured into form, drawn to wire,
Filed to point makes the knife-edge.
Flames fuel stories, dance, delight.

Candles flicker over clay tablets,
Ink marks on paper, spinning discs.
Pixel points swirl on liquid crystal.
Radiation beams through silent space.
Air clogs, water clouds and earth aches.

Eyes tear in congested air.
Steel bodies collide and rust.
Fusion fires radiation fever.
Cells grow chemically in vats,
While nerves soak in anesthetic.

Rocks fracture, shift, sub duct.
Stars flare out, lace crystals form,
Fibres weave around deep-sea vents,
Sense fed on infrared emissions, sub-sonic pulse,
Sends tendrils out to seed more distant void.

Beyond the flowering lilies of the field,
Beyond arrays of gleaming solar cities,
Resonant to dreams, heart beat and drum,
Sentience seeks across the varied spectrum
Directions to it's next imagined home.

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