(By the Sea)

Peter Carroll

Colour of waves, shades of blue,
Skies of grey and many hue.
Whitecaps pound and roar,
Birds that bank and soar:
Mountains far, soft and fair
There is no distance between here and there;
Textures, colours, that mix and blend,
There is no beginning and there is no end.
All together structure and shape,
This is, our true earthscape.
A place to smell, see and feel;
To come here and find what’s truly real:

And people who unknowing, (like me) seek renewal and rest,
Stop thinking; let nature teach what’s best!
The rhythm in this time is so much dearer
For having this, our life is so much clearer;
To hold this dream, is the task
And transcend the sometime, ugly, human mask.

For there is beauty in a world, even one so overcast:
Let us pray to make it last:
For all beings to share!
Let us pause and show we care:
In this cycle to give and receive,
To come to this nature is to see and believe.
To sit in quiet gratitude and be still,
What is here now always was and always will.

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