What Everybody Knows and Forgets to Remember
by Mike Cohen

Humanity and nature are a seamless continuum. They share the attraction energies of creation, the bonds that hold things together within and between atoms and solar systems.

Emotionally and spiritually, humanity senses at least 53 attractions as a profound love of nature. However, the disconnecting, nature-abusive demands of contemporary society deteriorate this love. We lose consciousness of the 53 natural senses we inherit so we don’t live sensibly. We and Earth suffer from our non-sense.

We don't fight to save what we don't love. To preserve human dignity and the environment, we need a tool, a feelingful restoration science whose process enables anybody to rejuvenate our love of nature and people Since 1987 an educational, nature-reconnecting psychology, the Natural Systems Thinking Process, has served well in this capacity.
Do you use it?

Mike Cohen has designed a series of experiential exercises presented as on-line courses. As a gift from him, readers are invited to do a few activities from this informal course located at
The ProjectNatureConnect web-site is located at: http://www.ecopsych.com/homepage.html