Autumn Equinox, 1990 ~ Activation at dusk

OUTCROP was a series of standing forms connecting sky and land, marking the horizon of the Sussex Downs.

Built from green timber, local wheat, chalk and earth, the sculptures reflect the substance and hidden structure of the surrounding landscape. The forms were inspired by visible stages of vegetation growth; the photosynthetic urge upward countered by the increasing weight of the fruit it bears, pulling the structure back towards the earth.

The wave form attempts to capture the energy and motion which runs through a field of growing barley. It refers to the subterranean geology and origins of the chalk landscape – once covered by a prehistoric sea rich with marine life whose skeletal remains comprise the calcite and silica deposits which now make up the chalk and flint Downlands of Southern England.

OUTCROP evoked ancient interventions in the landscape – cairns, dolmens, standing stones – and the stark experience of hay stooks and agricultural buildings in the open field. Symbolic, ritual, practical, temporary. Structures which mark a transitory human presence in the landscape.

About Red Earth:
Formed in 1989 RED EARTH is an artist led group that has created site-specific performances and installations in Britain, Europe and South East Asia involving the reinvention of visual and physical ritual in urban and rural environments.

Identifying the need to bring the public into closer communication with the phenomena of the natural world, RED EARTH events are activations of space: experiments combining sculpture installation, performance, sound, light, and video with fire, water, earth and pyrotechnics. They are investigations into matter, connecting art, science and nature: in effect physical speculations on the power and energy of elemental processes.

RED EARTH co-directors Caitlin Easterby and Simon Pascoe are artists based at Stanmer Park, Brighton, England. Together they conceptualise, devise and produce all RED EARTH events in collaboration with artists and non-arts professionals. They also lecture in Art and the Environment at Sussex University CCE.

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