"Nature is the Art of God."
~ Dante Aligheri

In spite of everything we know, or think we know, the immense power and influence of art on the human psyche remains a mystery. Perhaps that is because art utilizes means of communication that are otherwise inaccessible to us: its practical magic allows a synthesis of logic and illogic, and invites us to address profound contradictions within a unified structure. It is one of the ways we express our longings, our reverence, our awe and gratitude as human beings alive on the planet.

This "Art & EcoPsychology" issue of Gatherings has six sections: "Overview", "Word", "Image", "Sound", "Movement" and "Earth Arts". "Word" introduces fiction and poetry, while "Image" showcases contributions from visual artists. Musicians make their voices heard in "Sound", and "Movement" presents dance and performance art. "Earth Arts" offers pieces on gardening and domestic arts, while "Overview" reflects on what connects the fields of art and ecopsychology.

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