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If you want to participate in ICE, or contact the person who cares for a particular section on this website, here's how: 

  • If you have a book or article to recommend, send the information to dmice@ecopsychology.org, using a format similar to what you see in the Study.
  • Are you pursuing research or exploring the human-nature relationship? Would you like to add a description of your work here and connect with other Ecopsychological Researchers and Explorers? Just send an email to: explorations@ecopsychology.org.
  • Have we missed your favorite links? Would you like us to link to your page?  Send your suggestions to links@ecopsychology.org along with a sentence explaining why you think the site would be of interest to our readers.
  • Do you have an event or other announcement you'd like to share with a wider ecopsychology community? Email it to events@ecopsychology.org.
  • Contributions, comments, or inquiries about the ICE Journal "Gatherings" should be forwarded to editor@ecopsychology.org.
  • If you are a clinician or workshop leader doing ecopsychology, you can get a free listing on the Practitioners page by contacting people@ecopsychology.org.
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See the Links page for information about how to join the ICE email discussion list and other ecopsychology discussion groups.

If you have general comments or questions about this site or about ecopsychology in general, send them to ecopsych@ecopsychology.org.



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