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Some articles about ecopsychology can be found at John Scull's ecopsychology page .

There is a very good paper about ecotherapy and Ecopsychology by Goshen College student Tina Nussbaum.

Michael J. Cohen's Applied Ecopsychology offers a gateway into the many programs, activities, and publications of Project Nature Connect.  Related information is available at Steve Smith's excellent  NatureConnected Resources site.

The Gaia Foundation , which includes a former ICE member, is definitely worth a visit.

Find ecopsychology links and books at the ecofeminism website .

Selene Vega's ecopsychology site is inspiring and has more information about ecopsychology.

Molly Young Brown does workshops and online courses related to ecopsychology and other related topics.

Interview with Theodore Roszak , the person who coined the word ecopsychology.

There is a very good new UK ecopsychology site

e un web site Italiano di ecopsicologia

Diana Voigt ist Teil der deutschsprachigen Ecopsychology/Deep Ecology Community und arbeitet in diesen Richtungen. Ihre Page

For an extensive bibliography and many other links related to ecopsychology, see  Ecopsychology on-line . Sadly, this sites has not been kept up to date.

The  Antioch Ecopsychology Interest Group has an informative page with more links, but it has not been updated for some time.


E-Mail Discussions

A small list was started in February of 1998 by people who had been on a larger list and wanted somewhere more intimate to get to know and trust each other. Unmoderated, with participants ranging from academics to activists, clinicians, environmental educators and wilderness teachers, the Ecology Psychology list tries to examine many of the issues mentioned at ICE in greater depth. To inquire about joining, contact Harriet Wood or Maureen Press with a little about yourself / why you want to join. There are no entry requirements but active participation is welcomed.

There is also The NatureConnect Mailing List where you can safely share the experiences and feelings of connecting with nature.


Ecology and Science

If you want to do the right thing, but aren't sure how, the Union of Concerned Scientists can show you the way. 

The Society for Human Ecology has links to other ecology sites on the web.


Environmental Education

  • Environmental Education Links 
  • The National Environmental Education and Training Foundation 
  • The following websites will lead you to programs and activities for use by educators and students in the formal education system:  


    Environmental News, Activism, and Information

    Ecological Internet specializes in the use of the Internet to achieve environmental conservation outcomes and has links to portals eco-earth climate change, forests, oceans and others. You can subscribe to lists which will alert you to actions.

    Here's another "ICE" with some excellent links and information, the Information Center for the Environment (ICE), University of California, Davis

    Eco News is another directory and news source recommended by ICE members.

    Grist Magazine offers a lighter look at environmental issues.

    Globalrising lists organisations working towards global justice in at least one of the following areas: global democracy, global finance, trade and general global co-ordination. All of them need voluntary help. Sections for all continents. Often the most effective action is local, and this site also links to many local networks.

    Low-Impact Living Initiative (LILI) is dedicated to helping protect the global
    environment by promoting sustainable alternatives to various aspects of everyday
    life. Based in the UK.




    Ecological Philosophy

    For some of the most profound writing about the human-nature relationship, see the work of Aldo Leopold . 

    The Trumpeter is an online journal of ecosophy and deep ecology.

    The Green Web is an independent environmental research group and network with a left biocentric perspective.


    Inspirational sites

    To be inspired in a somewhat negative way, learn about the history of the Passenger Pigeon .  Please suggest some positive inspirational links that we can add.


    Humor and Satire

    For a light look at the extremes of deep ecology see the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.   For environmental news with a light touch, see Grist Magazine .

    Dr. Beetle provides an unusual perspective on some important questions.  The "Links" page connects to a number of other excellent sites.


    Ecospirituality and Wilderness Therapy

    Molly Young Brown has an amazing website.

    Shamanic Counseling and Ecopsychology, an interview with Leslie Gray.

    Wild Ideas: Wild Nature, Culture, Spirituality, Sexuality and More.   A very nice page.  Very well done with lots of links to other stuff.  It is mainly wicca/pagan in its approach to spirituality.

    Mountain Man Graphics, Australia. Lots of links to full text articles.

    Circle Sanctuary has a nature reserve and information about pagan ways.

    Resurgence is an international forum for ecological and spiritual thinking, which publishes articles on deep ecology, holistic science, and creative living, with a lively mix of arts, crafts and book reviews. Connecting readers to a world of ideas, tools and resources for sustainable living. Now online as well as in print.

    Literary Works of Sanderson Beck.   Many interesting links.

    Wilderness Therapy in the UK

    The Mindful Hiker: On the Trail to Find the Path, a look at hiking and time in nature from an eco-spiritual perspective

    Greening Spirit: An Anglican perspective on environmental, eco-spiritual and “creation care” issues. 


    Courses and Degree Programs in Ecopsychology

    Prescott College in Arizona offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in ecopsychology, both on- and off-campus.

    International University of Professional Studies offers graduate degrees in ecopsychology in cooperation with Project Nature Connect and the Institute for Global Education.

    Naropa University has both undergraduate and graduate programs in ecopsychology.

    Living Routes offers college-level courses in ecovillages around the world.

    The California Institute of Integral Studies offers graduate work in ecopsychology and ecological studies.

    Depth Psychology Doctoral Program at Pacifica  Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, CA, where students can study the interface between ecopsychology and depth psychology.  

    The centre for Psychology and Social change in Cambridge, MA, USA has an Ecopsychology institute and runs various courses and events.


    Ecotherapy and Psychology

    If you're interested in what famous psychologists really wrote, see the interesting collection of articles at Classics in the History of Psychology

    For guidelines and links about behaviorist approaches to community activism, see the Behaviorists For Social Responsibility.

    The University of Cincinnati is developing an Ecological Counseling practice as part of their Counseling program

    Adrian Harris is developing a a website for Ecotherapy in the UK

    See also Linda Buzzell-Saltzmann's Ecotherapy News


    ICE Members' Pages

    Here are some web pages maintained by ICE members; 



    a project in natural living and transformation

    RALSA River & Lake Swimming Association
    representing wild swimmers in the UK


    An invitation

    This is a community effort and we welcome your contribution.  Do you have any links you would like to suggest or would you like to comment on this page? Just send an email to links@ecopsychology.org .

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