Introduction to Ecotherapy

Posted on September 13, 2012 by Amy Lenzo

from Beth Lapin

Because of its relative newness, many people are not aware of ecotherapy nor do they have an understanding of it. I have recently completed two outreach efforts to broaden the public’s understanding and appreciation of this emerging field. I’d welcome any feedback about either of them, available through the hotlinks below.

The first is an overview lay article about ecotherapy published in Inner Tapestry, a free holistic journal available in New England. Article summary: Some of us have intuitively known the healing power of nature—and research is proving us right. A look at the emerging field of ecotherapy, which promotes mutually beneficial relationships between people and nature, helps us understand more about its benefits, possible reasons, and our role in the process.

Also, I was interviewed about ecotherapy on our local access channel 15 on Comcast. I covered much of the same material as in the article and provided an example of how we are all connected with each other and the rest of the planet.

Bio: EcoTherapist Beth Lapin brings 20 years experience as a field biologist and an equal amount as a social worker — and master’s degrees in both – along with decades of experience leading outdoor excursions and therapeutic groups. She conducts ecotherapy workshops and sessions in southern New England. You can email Beth at