The Edge of the Wild 2016

Posted on July 9, 2016 by Amy Lenzo

“Heart Lands”

5th Ecopsychology Gathering
4 – 7 August, Green & Away, Worcester, UK
(shared through Linda Buzzell’s ecotherapy list serv)

With keynote guests:
Hilary Prentice and Colin Campbell

2016 Workshops
Judith Anderson, Healing and Transforming Responses to Environmental Crisis
Nadine Andrews, Mindfulness and Nature Connection
Susan Becchio, Earthwalk Nature Teachings
Joanna Callaghan & Branwen Lorigan, Art in the Wild
Roger Duncan, Hunting the Path of the Heart in the Wilderness of the Soul
Moira Lake, Learning from the Plant Spirits
Sandra Higgins, Veganism: Going Home
Greg Morter & Dan Lupton, Embodying Evolution: Embodying the Earth and Universe
Lia Naor,  Ways of Knowing: Revealing the Hidden Parts of Who We Are Becoming through Deep Immersion in Nature

Tickets: £235 (Concessions available on request)


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