Tadpoles in Rockpools at Kata Juta
by Trevor Plumridge, December 1993

Looking on from the side,
I sit, watch and wonder.
Its bigger than me
as an observer I see.
But its more than a view.
There's something to tap,
but for me there's no screw.

A tap and a die
a set good and true.
But how do you tap the force of the Earth,
When you're tormented by Coke and ever changing fashion.
Alcohol, videos and shopping malls,
All seeking to divert my perception,
Just as the dollar is a masterful deception.

The flies buzz about,
attracted to me as an opportunity,
to do, what a fly does best.
Many visitors stop to capture the view,
a brief interruption to the action
of walking the circuit.
To take home an image
of what I'm not certain.

On the bridge between inner and outer
the rocks are exposed
They accommodate the passing attention of travellers
on pilgrimage,
some searching their souls
for meaning to add to their life
For the next generation.

They concentrate here
like the wind funnelled through.
Its a standpoint for some, for others a pew.
A scouring journey that exposes an inner-most flesh.
And, It really is as simple as scratching the surface.
An ant wanders in to check out the view
from inside my shorts.
I'm sure its simply just another perspective.

A bird or two flit around now and then,
seeking the solace of shade
and a rest from the hawk's sharp gaze.
But soon its off to forage and drink,
for life must go on whatever the threat
or how cruel we think it.

A tadpole or many swims in the shallows
of rockpools filled by occasional rain.
Surprised by the arrival of humans so big
who displace the space for Hughie and Flora,
friends for a time but now returned to the great Aurora.
Not fair you may think,
But all part of the great dis-and-order.
For what will happen when the pool is drunk
by the unquenchable thirst of the great summer sun.

In any case why worry at all,
As we immersed our bodies
the taddies did tickle,
Something they got from our skin,
Fully immersed in their life is;
In any case more important
Than living to some predetermined age
Average and boring.

Lying in water connects me to three
of life's elements: air, earth and water.
Extending the boundaries
to break through the barrier
of a perceived sheet of glass covering the water.
I expand the dimensions in a voyage of discovery
the destination of which I'm uncertain.