Table of Contents


1. Wounding in Nature
Wounding in Nature by Joanne Saleeba
Living in Cages by Karen West
Sustainable Hunting by Claire Mouser
Breathe by Cinnamon Evans

2. Healing in Nature
The Search for the Sacred in the Concrete Jungle by Kipling Zubevich
Gardening: Good for our Soul by Peter Cock
Sacred Tree Planting through Green Burials by Peter Cock and Jill Hocking
Stumbling on the path to myself, I found a way to the world… by Anna Clabburn

3. Mirrors in Nature
Deep Elemental Ecology by Susan Brelin-Bechio
Flowers of Men by Anna Clabburn
Defining the Boundaries that give rise to “the Edge” by Kerri Halliday
A Portrait of my Mother by Mark Boulet
The Hawk by Brett Donaldson
Wombat by Sue Edwards
Tadpoles in Rockpools at Kata Juta by Trevor Plumridge

4. Connecting with Naturescapes
Connecting with Tropical Nature by Joanna Gilligan
Spirit/Nature/Self Connections by Nick Alsop
The Sacred Ecology Of Service With The Sea by Rose Baillie
Forest Nature Connecting by Jenny Francis
A Night in the Forest by Mark Boulet
Landscapes of the Heart (Book Review) by Sylvie Shaw

5. Nature Connection, Spirit and Action
Non-Violent Eco-Warriorship by Chris Lee
Spirituality and Environment by Steven Jeffery
Sacred Connections back to our Past… by Simon O’Connor
Go Tell it on the Mountain by Steven Jeffery
Applied Ecopsychology in Australia: Approaches to Facilitating Human-Nature Connections by Rosemary Baillie

6. Sacred Interconnections
Connecting to Nature’s Spirit by Sylvie Shaw
Waste of Country by Peter Carroll
Retreat to Return: Reflections on Group-based Nature Retreats by Mark Boulet & Anna Clabburn
Bone Fire by Michael Sheill