Going Coastal

a poem by Ceó Ruairc

When days turn brilliant and cool
and the forest breathes
with footprints seldom seen
when these dark trails
are mostly mine

I will rest immersed
in piles of Maple leaves
sleep in this amber glow
until Squirrel stops scolding
and even Wren becomes brave

I will dream as I bathe
in her melodious song
as wild Wolves return
a flow of grey
whispers in the woods

I will watch Salmon struggle home
from their ocean run
as glistening Bears dine
on river-gifts
and the great rains come

I will give thanks
for the unfathomable
connection of it all
this balance of give and take
death and birth
summer fruits fading
into rich black earth

I will burst open
with the sweet grief
of knowing
my smallness in this world
then slowly trace
a sinuous path home

I will step lightly
silent as the moon
golden leaves in my pockets
chlorophyll in my veins
fragrant as the earth

Naturalist/poet, Ceó Ruaírc writes from wild places, inspired by wolf song, coastal storms, and the tenacity of trees.