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Matter Energy Mind

by Heidi Thompson


red field
blue field
"Blue Field"

The act of painting helps me understand the inner mysteries and laws, which govern nature and myself. Through painting, I can explore Matter, Energy and Mind, and their interplay and connectedness with each other and how they mirror my own body, energy and mind. First, I start with solid materials such as sand, gesso, paint and paper, and then I generate energy or force from within, and apply paint to the paper's empty surface using brush, rag or hand. My choice of colour and application are governed by my instinctive, "feeling" mind. My mind experiences particular sensations caused by what it sees happen with the colours. These sensations then ignite particular impulses to make new choices with which colour to use, which tone to darken, which movement to enhance. The cumulative effect of these choices becomes the final painting.

While painting, I become immersed in the experience of the image changing, dissolving, reappearing, solidifying, then separating again.  The emerging images often have characteristics which I had never imagined. I apply transparent layers of colour trying to create illusions of atmosphere - gas, liquid, smoke, dust, steam or changing surfaces of water, corrosion, ice and chemicals. Right before my eyes, the heavy solid nature of paint and paper seem to dissolve into impressions of finer substances. These finer substances then become subtler as they stimulate my sensations and provoke my imagination. The painting inspires thoughts, impressions, memories, and feelings - all finer qualities of the mind. What was once solid matter has now transformed into mind-energy.  If painting is indeed such a vehicle, which can transform matter into fine substances and, then, into even subtler mind-substances, then it may be possible for the mind-experiences to transcend into something even finer - a sense of spirituality.

If I have succeeded even a small step toward my artistic goal, my paintings would show these levels of our nature - matter, energy, mind, and help the viewer feel something of his or her own spirit-soul. I know that painting aids the experience of these levels of my being. It allows me to experience how matter, energy, mind and spirit play together, guided by some invisible intelligence.  And somehow, all these manifestations of existence seem to emanate from a greater intelligence - perhaps God or the Absolute. Sometimes when one of my paintings resonates a beautiful harmony and energy, I feel that a tiny part of the mystery of who I am is being unveiled and I am filled with great pleasure and love.


Heidi Thompson was born in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. She left to study photography at the University of Art and Design in Zurich. After receiving her degree, she went on to study painting at the Academy of Art in Nurnberg, followed by another year at the Hungarian Academy of Art in Budapest. Since returning to her hometown in 1980, she has painted, raised a family, become a teacher, published two books,and most passionately, searched for the deeper connection with her inner nature through the practise of Vipassana mediation.

Heidi has a website with more information about her and her art.

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