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Unlike the rest of the ICE site, where the material has been created through consensus in a group process, Gatherings is the place where ideas can be individually and eclectically expressed. Therefore, all opinions expressed or reflected in Gatherings, including that of the editor, are the sole responsibility of the individual author and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs or opinions of anyone else in ICE. 

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Gatherings: current

Gatherings: June 2004 - December 2004

Older, Issue-based Gatherings:

Gatherings, Issue#8 : August 2003 - The Monash University Issue

Gatherings, Issue#7 : Winter 2002-2003 - Trees

Gatherings, Issue#6 : Winter 2001-2002 - Art & EcoPsychology

Gatherings, Issue#5 : Winter 2000-2001 - The Land Down Under

Gatherings, Issue #4: Autumn 2000 - Finding Our Self in Nature

Gatherings, Issue #3: Summer 2000 - Dreams & Visions

Gatherings, Issue #2: Spring 2000 - New Growths

Gatherings, Issue #1: Winter 1999-2000 - Exploring Ecopsychology