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Ecopsychology Poem

by Jeanine M. Canty
(compiled by lines from Prescott College Ecopsychology students)

I felt an undeniable need to offer this world something of great meaning
That reflected all the graces
Fulfilling each dimension, in order to become an effective member of the greater being

Desire for change
We entreat that which we worship
I felt overwhelmed with sadness

Pathology represents the soul’s way of making something known
A visceral sensation, a feeling of deep rage
Causes us to seek resolution

Rage beneath the surface
Dissociation from the previous wisdom
Senses and perceptions have been dulled

We grow into the cage we create
We are held in silence by the enormous beast
Stop the fragmentation of our minds

We just need to feel
Rest my mind and let it flow
Feel other beings’ auras and energies
Ecstatic experiences stemming from the primal connections
We are sponges
We are imbued with divinity
Spread like wildfire
This is a movement to greater depth

Who creates the atmosphere for one to germinate?
How we treat one another is of immense importance
Reciprocity is the rule
Grace is the first practice of the wild




Jeanine M. Canty, Ph.D. is a core faculty at Naropa University and an Associate Faculty at Prescott College. She has an MA in Cultural Ecopsychology and a Ph.D. in Transformative Learning and Change. She is passionate about both ecological and cultural issues, focusing on the role culture plays in developing a sustainable worldview and the process individuals go through to reach heightened awareness.


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