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Rosehips in Goldern, Switzerland
photo by Amy Lenzo
John Scull asked his friends and family for an unusual birthday present when he turned 60 a few months ago... 15/12/04
Nature Writer Ian Johnstone brings up questions about purpose and method in this thoughtful report on last year's International Nature Writers Muster in Australia...07/12/04
The Concept of a New (Ecocentric) Legal Philosophy: Dr. Senk Plicanic, Slovenian Professor of Evironmental Law lays out a rigorous academic argument for a total rethinking of environmental law...04/12/04
Australian academic and environmentalist Sylvie Shaw answers a question about her approach in "The Epistemology of Fairy Tale"... 04/12/04

Janet Thomas describes her discovery of Nature's Healing Grace through Mike Cohen's NatureConnect project.

"Bougainvillea, Hawaii"
Photo by Amy Lenzo

Is there an alchemical marriage in the cards for the Green Man and Gaia? Andrew Rothery explores the history and emergence of Gaia's male counterpart in his article "The Science of the Green Man"...28/06/04

"Wildness is the best psychiatrist you could ever want to meet."
Laurie Cookson's tells us why in "Wildness, the Forgotten Partner to Evolution"...28/06/04

Kari Mosden introduces the issues on either side of a wilderness debate and asks what contributions ecopsychology and the deep ecology movement have to offer the conversation ...28/06/04

Personal conversations with ecopsychology pioneers Ralph Metzer, Theodore Roszak, Robert Greenway and Warick Fox: Mark Schroll offers a revised history of his earlier work on the origins of Ecopsychology...

Sylvie Shaw talks about the importance of experience in our relationship with nature, and focuses on one's 'home landscape' for insight and healing ...28/06/04

Photo by Amy Lenzo
Enter the Sanctuary of this special 360° panoramic photograph, 'Forest', created by Uri Cogan for the World Wide Panorama project... 24/12/04
Musician Mike Cohen was commissioned to produce an album of nature-celebrating folk songs for the National Audobon Society...07/12/04

"When Columbus discovered this country it was full of nuts and berries; now most of the berries are gone."

-Uncle Dave Macon, old time folk singer

Vivienne Elanta, partner of ICE member John Croft, died of a brain tumor recently. But she left us with this powerful prophecy ... 04/12/04
Luxuriate in Heather Keven's prose about America's northernmost seasonal changes in "Of Autumn in McCarthy, Alaska" 04/12/04

Bonanza Ridge and Kennicot, Alaska
Photo by Heather Keven

Four poems
by new contributor Presley Yekanamialye Kokwaiye, from the rainforests of Papua, New Guinea...
"Poems From the Shack" by Mary Jenkins of Australia, including "On Being Seventy", & "Dotos and Antidotes" >>> 04/12/04
Robert J. Gregory makes a visit to Walden Pond to recover the visions of his youth... 04/12/04
A poem about the ocean and the jungle in Bali by John Hart Young... 04/12/04
Pledge of Allegiance
I pledge allegiance to the Earth
And all the life which it supports,
One planet, in our care,
With sustenance and respect
for all.
Australian Professor Peter Cock describes a seminal meeting with a wave ... 28/06/04

In this short story, writer Frances Roberts looks to a 14-year-old girl for the beginning of her life's search and origins as an artist ...28/06/04

The Emerson quote and poem (below) are just two entries in a compelling reverie of Nature Writings, collected and introduced by Ian Johnson...28/06/04

"Eucalyptus near Bolinas Bay"
Photo by Amy Lenzo

(Eucalyptus Pauciflora Niphophila)
by Ian M. Johnstone

Its tortured look reminds us of a bonsai written large,

Its uniform of cream-green-grey could teach us camouflage.

In its trunk there’s signs of struggle, as if distorted by some pain,

Like legs bent down to lift a weight, it’s strong to take the strain.

It twists and casts dead branches, it compromises and survives,

Rugged beauty’s forced upon it, and we see in it, our lives


Robert Francis Johnson
creates "earth prayers" for peace ...

Bill Moyers accepted Harvard's Global Environmental Citizen's Award with great concern over the current cultural & religious climate in America today ...06/12/04
Last week I was enchanted by a Patrick Dougherty installation at The Contemporary Museum in Honolulu... 04/12/04

Patrick Dougherty's "Na Hale 'O Waiawi"
photo by Amy Lenzo
ICE member Ann Jarnett has been honored by the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication, with their first Lifetime Achievment in Environmental Education Award...04/12/04
"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a NEW model that makes the existing model obsolete."
~Buckminster Fuller
Robert Worcester reviews Sacred Presence, by Robert Wild ~ Perhaps the Christian Church has always stood at the crossroad between the old and the new. These days the clashing of tectonic plates might be a better metaphor... 04/12/04
Lyre Bird Media is about to release the film Time after Time, celebrating the great heritage of ancient Celtic, American and Australian peoples.
See the short preview online.
New DVD Series from Cosmologist, Brian Swimme, “Powers of the Universe”... 04/12/04
The editor of Landscapes of the Heart: Narratives of Nature and Self describes the book's genesis and inspiration, evoking wise men and the Canadian boreal forests that nurture them... 28/06/04

"White GInger,
Photo by Amy Lenzo
Essence of Nature: Five artists celebrate their relationships with the natural world in an exhibition of their work at the Bedford Gallery in Wanut Creek, California. Through August 15. Check out the virtual tour ...28/06/04

"Every now and then a book is birthed into the world that is destined to irrevocably alter the spiritual face of modern culture.
Bill Plotkin's Soulcraft is just such a book.

"The wind sows the seed; the sun evaporates the sea; the wind blows the vapour to the field; the ice, on the other side of the plaet, condenses rain on this; the rain feeds the plant; the plant feeds the animal: and thus the endless circulations of the divine charity nourish man."
~ RW Emerson “Nature” (1836)

Dave Paulson reviews a free Nature Connect online course that offers a healing response to the de-sensitization to nature that is killing the planet, and causing untold damage to our mental health...28/06/04


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